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Spring Weekend

It was Spring Weekend Tonight. Washburn had a "party". Quotation marks intended and necessary. I'm not sure Washburn parties really qualify as such. We had the Poofs come and sing. They were good. They sang the "shwoop" song. You know. Salt n' Pepper? Unfortunately, I can't think of that song without thinking of Ellen DeGeneres' rendition of it. Oh yeah.

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Anyway, I went shopping at Target, but the white swimsuit didn't fit at all: made the negaboobs all the more obvious, and it just looked kinda funny anyway. Got stuff for the face instead: acne wash, moisturizer, etc. Trying to do the clear, firm and lift thing.

Saw "Taking Lives". Amazed by how similar Angelina Jolie and I actually look. Okay, take away the boobs and the lips, and we have the same skin tone, the same basic build, the same eyes, the same hair, the same hands, the same facial structure (her cheek bones were, in the movie, a little more prominate than mine, but that could be make up and angles). We even speak similarly, a low and bizzare western-southern-English thing. We could definitely play sisters in a film, which would be beyond incredible. I think that might be a goal in life. I should write a screenplay and see if I can go about finding a way for her to get it, read it, love it (because my screenplays are actually good if I can forget I wrote them), and do it. Maybe even finance it... Ah, dreams.

I love Angie.

Anyway, the movie was good. Could have been better, I thought the editing was kind of shitty, it was smooth enough, but then it jumped awkwardly, and I don't know. Seemed a little disjointed, like the writer got bored and needed to end it because the Secret was out. I had it figured out from the beginning, but not surprising. It did make me jump and even scream out loud in one part (I think, of course, that could have been the lady behind me, or probably, both of us). I'm hoping to see Jersey Girl on Monday. Ah Ben... (swoon). Madly in love with him. Always have been. Since, I can't even remember when. Like him better without the goatee he's been sporking, though, but even with... oh, be still my heart. I melt every time he comes on tv for interviews. Not even because of how he looks. I just like his humor and what he has to say and everything, I guess. I'm smitten.

On a side note, Ethan Hawke has AWFUL teeth. He's just greasy. And did you see him at the premire? Seriously. Boy needs to gain about 20 pounds. Men should not have that prominent of cheek bones. He must be taking the Uma break-up really hard, though I think she's probably better off. Supposedly they're trying to reconcile. I wish them luck. But Ethan. Seriously. BRACES. You have enough money. No excuse.


I wish I could stop chewing on the inside of my lips. It's giving me wrinkles for one, and two, it's unattractive when cute guy in bus looks at me and I look like a demented camel.

In other news, I think my special studies advisor is going to kill me. Yes, Monday I am going to be killed by a 74 year old man named Don Robinson (don't quote me on the age) because I have yet to turn in the two chapters I owe him (largely because one isn't completely written yet). I'm just been exhausted and concerned with a mass of other work. Including interview prep. I interviewed for teach for america Friday. I think it went well, though not as well as I would have liked. We'll see. If I get a position, I'm hoping it's in Los Vegas. I've never been to Los Vegas, but it would be a new experience and is wicked close to home at the same time. Plus, I'm familiar with the southwest. It would be like going home.

Anyway, tomorrow will be spent largely working on that. I don't have any choice. Hopefully, I can get it in his box tomorrow night so he can get it Monday morning and it may not be as bad... but it will be. I'm such a slacker. I'm a pathetic, awful slacker.
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Just saw the best thing ever! Curt Schilling leaning how to speak Bostonian on a Dunkin' Donuts commercial. Hahahahaha...

"I play hah'd in the pah'k."
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"Following an Op-Ed article in the Wall Street Journal in which staffer John Fund suggested that John Kerry ask Tom Brokaw to become his running mate, Brokaw issued a statement Monday saying that he's not interested. "As I have said repeatedly, I have no intention of pursuing a political career," Brokaw said. "Any speculation to the contrary, however flattering, is simply wrong." Steve Capus, exec producer of NBC Nightly News, suggested that the ticket ought to be Brokaw-Kerry instead of the other way around, but he added: "I know Tom very well, and I don't think it's in the cards. ... He has no desire to go into the political world." Added NBC President Jeff Zucker: the vice presidency "would be such a step down for Tom."

How unfortunate. I (heart) TOM BROKAW. I'd so vote for him.
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Yesterday I did my usual Monday after missing last week's because I actually had to do work. *bleh*. I probably should have done work THIS week too, given than it's midterms and I have papers and whatnaught to write, but you know what I've realized? I just don't care. I got accepted to ASU. It's a good gig. I can save a lot of money. Get an education. An apartment. A dog. Be close to the family. Doesn't sound bad at all. Do I really want to study in the UK? Oh yes. Definitely. But with the pound at $1.83/per I just can't afford to. not with my Smith loans. And I can always spend a year studying as a "visiting student". So I'm pretty sure that's what I'm going to do. Also, if i realize after a semester or two: "oh shit, I'm actually an English person, what the hell am I doing?!" I haven't lost massive amounts of money.

Anyway. Yesterday. Saw Mystic River and Hidalgo. Both were good. Mystic River reminded me so much of "Godfather" it was boarderline rediculous. It was really driving me insane. I'm not sure Sean Penn deserved the Oscar. Was he good in it? Yeah, I suppose. Definitely communicated the emotion. But he was just in the same role he's always in. What I want to see is Sean Penn in a comedy. I mean, has he ever been? Even when he guest stared in "friends" he was dark and mournful. I don't know, but only that will prove his acting ability to me. It's one thing to play the same role all the time. It's quite another to switch genres. All the greats did that, after all. Kate Hepburn was just as good at the romantic comedy as she was the edgy family drama as she was Shakespeare. Audrey Hepburn too. And Cary Grant? Jimmy Stewart? Definitely. I just don't really feel like Penn took too many risks or acted beyond the page of the script. Whereas... I don't know, Johnny Depp certainly did in Pirates (I was rooting for him, definitely) or, even, looking still at Mystic River, Tim Robbins went beyond the page. He certainly deserved his statue. I don't know though. Whatever.

Hidalgo was fun. It wasn't really good so much as it was entertaining and Viggo looking scruffy while tipping his hat and saying 'ma'am'. It was a typical Disney movie with some far reaching stereotypes, etc., but maybe I'm just looking at it with a Smithie's eye (I hate doing that, it infests everything). Anyway though. The horse was cute. Viggo was cute. And it managed to keep me interested for over two hours. So, I proclaim it a success.

I'm hoping to see Monster over break with Anika, presuming, of course, that it's still playing somewhere in the Valley. I can't wait until break. I'm going to be working my ass off, but oh well, at least I'll be home and it'll be warm (it better be warm!).

It's currently snowing. Oh, excuse me. There are currently "snow flurries" outside. Light, non-sticking (for the most part) snow that is highly obnoxious. It had been so nice, but now, my dread of coming back with 8 feet of snow on the ground may not be so much a sarcastic comment as a real possibilty. I hate New England. Very, very much.

I'm done for now. I might come back to this. I might not.
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Article from Time Magazine:

Pornography For Preppies

Monday, Mar. 01, 2004
Harvard alums were blushing a deep crimson red last week as the university's Committee on College Life approved the campus's first student sex magazine. Its co-founder, Camilla Hrdy, a junior, told the Harvard Crimson that the formal committee got "past the fear of porn." But after a spate of publicity and a chorus of shocked responses, the university reconsidered and now says it won't fund the magazine. Even so, Hrdy and sophomore Katharina Baldegg plan to bring out the publication-- dubbed H Bomb, campus lingo for the powerful effect Harvard credentials have on suitors-- in May, in time for commencement.

Hrdy and Baldegg are modeling their magazine on Squirm, a journal of erotica put out by Vassar students since 1999. And for other inspiration, the students don't have far to look. A number of other elite colleges have got down and dirty:

--YALE Undergrad members of a club called Porn n' Chicken in 2001 filmed an X-rated short, set in the library, titled StaXXX.

--SWARTHMORE A slick journal called Untouchables, packed with sexy stories, was a short-lived hit in 2001 at this top Pennsylvania college.

--SMITH Students started an online smut magazine called Smithiegirls to show nude students learning about love.

From the Mar. 01, 2004 issue of TIME magazine

Yeah. There's a lot of porn at Smith. Even a pornography photography club. I was asked to pose last year. I respectfully declined. Flattered, but no, I said, even though there was a slight amount of disgust. I like my picture taken but I don't want certain aspects of my body displayed for other's entertainment.